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Our spacious upstairs dining room and wine bar are perfect for groups from eight to eighty.

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RomainePauline's has two certified organic gardens, one in Berkeley and another at our Star Canyon Ranch near Angel's Camp in the Sierra Foothills.

For nearly twenty years, our garden on Rose Street in Berkeley has been the site of vigorous year-round cultivation of greens and herbs. Plenty of room in raised beds is given to our staple heirloom lettuces such as Bambi romaine and purple galactic crisphead. Specialty seasonal greens include succulent tat soi and mache, micro beet greens and young lacinato kale. We also tame wild greens for our salads, and have had great success with miner's lettuce and delicate arugula sylvetta. In total, we grow about 40 types of greens throughout the seasons. The Berkeley garden is also home to many herbs–from rosemary to orange bergamot–which we use as pizza toppings and flavorings for ice creams and other delicacies. There is a bountiful Meyer lemon tree in the middle of the garden, and underneath the tree is a patch of fraises du bois, the tiny wild strawberries that in summertime find their way into our berry sundae.


One of Pauline's greenhouses, with beds of fraises des bois, galactic lettuce, baby leeks and argenata chard.

  At Star Canyon Ranch, we're busy cultivating heirloom tomatoes, eggplants, melons and other heat-loving vegetables and fruits. We take full advantage of the Sierra Foothills' rich soil and heat...Our tomato patch generally numbers over 750 plants! There's something from the Ranch for every season. In spring, we pick raspberries and extra-large Boysenberries. Starting in July, Pauline's is flooded with a dozen varieties of melt-in-the-mouth tomatoes which appear on special salads and pizzas. During late summer, check our specials board for roasted eggplant, blue potatoes and chilies. Autumn means a generous harvest from the English walnut and chestnut trees planted by pioneers. Even in winter, the ranch contributes quinces and persimmons to the restaurant's stock of pizza and dessert ingredients.

In addition to hot-weather fruits and vegetables, we grow several varieties of grapes at our ranch for our Pauline's Pizza Reds.


finished pizza For twenty years, Pauline's has been serving thin-crust pizzas with unsurpassed dimension in texture and flavor. Our dough is handmade every morning and allowed a long slow rise so the crust crisps to perfection. The light puff of the crust contrasts nicely with rich flavors of whole milk, olive oil and sea salt. Our pizzas are lightly sauced and layered with part-skim mozzarella.

We've had a long, fond relationship with the suppliers of our staple pizza toppings. You will always find imported olives and cheeses on the menu, as well as authentic Andouille Sausage and Tasso (spiced, smoked pork shoulder). The New Orleans Central Grocery sends us Italian olive salad, which we grind up and call Muffaletta Sauce in honor of their famous sandwich. It's savory, salty and great with goat cheese and greens.
panopoly of ingrediants: meyer lemons, sausage slices, a salame, cheese wedge? olives... Pauline's is proud to offer many specialty toppings prepared on-site by our team of pizza specialists. We like to show it off with our chicken sausage, blended with white wine and herbs, a great addition to our rich garlic-fontina pizza. Meat-lovers stand by our homemade Italian sausage, which is juicy and porky and the star of our Italian Combo pizza. As for you vegetarians, always ask about our nightly special toppings, such as roast homegrown vegetables and fresh herbs, which vary by season.

Tip: try Pauline's salted Meyer lemon puree! We steep our sweet Berkeley Meyer lemons in brine until they reach the pickled point, then puree them into a light sauce. This gets dabbled on the pie just before it's thrown in the oven, and adds a light zing that complements goat cheese, greens, and--when they're available--sumptuous roasted beets.

Pauline's also has a tradition of tasty desserts such as boysenberry sorbet, butterscotch pudding and bourbon ice cream.
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